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Dental Clinic and Housing

LV, 2021

The proposal for dental clinic and housing in Sigulda celebrates towns identity while creates a contemporary and functional space for the hybrid programme. Sigulda is a town with a breathtaking views over the valley of river Gauja and great hiking trails. A century ago it was known as Livlandische Schweiz and it is still apparent in towns architecture.

The character of the building is inspired by Swiss chalet architecture. The gallery on the southwest facades with its distinct character creates covered outdoor spaces for clinic’s entrance and courtyard and balconies for apartments, as well as shades large windows.

The hybrid programme of dental clinic on the ground floor and 4 apartments on the second level makes the site lively throughout the day. The outdoor spaces are carefully planned so that both clinic’s guests and inhabitants can have their own uninterrupted space and privacy as well as benefits from shared space.

The building has a very compact, almost cubic volume that makes it easy to achieve exceptionally high energy efficiency.

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