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Haapsalu City Government building

Competition proposal, EE, 2023

The visual concept of the building was created by sensing the unique atmosphere and architecture of Haapsalu - the wooden construction of the resort town and thoughtful details, verandas, silhouette-forming lanterns and towers - and interpreting it in modern architecture. Wood and soft details of the building create an approachable and welcoming atmosphere.


Covered outdoor space – a veranda - surrounding the public part of the building invites everyone to enjoy their time at the footsteps of the city hall, creating a house with an open door. Everyone is welcome, every time.


Clock tower not only marks the city hall in the urban fabric of Haapsalu, but also works as a gallery, unifying element of the city hall and the police building, as well as a gate to the yard.


The flexibility of the building layout and plan allows endless scenarios for the ever-changing needs of the city council.


The careful choice of interior materials and well thought out details and systems create a healthy and engaging microclimate.


The contemporary nature of the project also lies in its awareness and sustainability: a compact building with a reduced footprint that minimizes energy use and waste, while leaving generous space for the city garden.

Team: NOONSOON + b210. Liena Šiliņa, Patrīcija Baltiņa, Mari Hunt, Nele Shverns

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