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LV, 2022

A recording studio, a song creation and drum station, a stage, a DJ area, and a library - all this is part of Zvaigznaja KUBS - a multifunctional mobile pavilion that is visiting cities of Latvia to inspire children and young people to creative expressions in music and performing arts.

Zvaigznajs KUBS is visually appealing environmental object as well as a functional platform for Zvaigznajs creative activities. The main element of the project is the walls and ceiling covered with dichromatic film, which, depending on the point of view and the light, create an unusual play of colours, transparency, and atmosphere. The design of KUBS has been influenced by the need to regularly transform and transport it. Upon arrival at the destination, the Zvaigznajs KUBS is placed at the event site, opened, connected to the electricity and the event can begin.

It is a space that travels to its visitor and not the other way around, as usually. KUBS moves and activates a specific point on the map where it stops. Already this summer 2022 - in its first season - Zvaigznaja KUBS visited 23 places in Latvia. It is an opportunity to encounter well-thought-out design and diverse creative experiences in places where it is not yet available on a daily basis.

The success of the project is based on experience and knowledge transferred from various industries – architecture and design, automotive, music and advertising, etc.

Zvaigznaja KUBS is intended for every person, regardless of age, social background, income, place of residence and other factors. Thanks to the support of municipalities and sponsors, the events at Zvaigznaja KUBS is free for visitors.

Foto: Madara Gritāne

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