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Group Home

LV, 2022

The aim of the project is to create home for young adults with disabilities. A place where they can live independently with as little support as necessary.


This is a charity project. The funds for the construction are provided from donations and by selling candles made by daycare center clients. All of the project design team - architects and engineers - offered their help pro bono.


The group home consists of 5 houses and an additional shared use house for the staff and common spaces. Houses are banded together by a lobby - a spacious green area facing south designed for various activities. Each inhabitant has his own private patio.


The building is planned in a one level in order to provide an opportunity for all of the inhabitants and the staff to move around easily without using stairs or an elevator. Special attention is paid to the scale of the building creating a homelike atmosphere and providing privacy for inhabitants both indoors and outdoors. Room layout - creating separate houses and avoiding long, cold corridors - helps clients to easy orient themselves, as well as provide visibility for staff to oversee daily life in the home.


The building is made of wood framing modules, produced in a factory environment, and assembled on site. Project’s building solutions provide low operating costs and long-term durability.

Team: NOONSOON, Liena Silina, Laura Auce, Lauma Auziņa, Dārta Janeviča-Dambe, Inese Rudzāte.

Architectural Visualizations: Augusts Galins

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